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6 June 2010 7 Comments

Sreethi leafed through the dictionary…S..Se… Ser… Sere..Serendipity :

Serendipity is a propensity for making fortuitous discoveries while looking for something unrelated…

Sometimes, the best of the best seem to evade you in all areas. This leaves you disappointed, disgusted and hapless. You start questioning every move and every one.

Something very similar was happening with Sreethi. Sreethi had the best of everything as a child. Being the only child born to an illustrious after years of pleasing all possible deities, she was the apple of her family’s eye. After schooling, she went to the most prestigious college, Stella Maris, and excelled in everything – from academics to extra-curricular activities. Everything seemed to be perfect until about six months ago.

One morning, Sreethi had an immense headache, nearly suffocating her due to the pain. Doctors were summoned. What followed was a fortnight of tests and ‘test’. All medical reports seem to be absolutely normal, but the headache was recurring. Someone suggested, an evil has cast its eye on her, do the x-y-z pooja and see how she gets well. So a week of all poojas followed. In vain. Sreethi, at first, was disturbed by the turn of events.

She had just finished her graduation studies, cleared her GMAT with flying colours and had been admitted to a prestigious University for her MS in Finance. Nevertheless, she decided to go with the flow. While she was waiting for things to settle down on her health front, one day, her school scrap book tumbled down out of her cupboard. She was trying to find her yellow polka top when the scrap book came tumbling down. She picked up the scrap book. A rush of nostalgia ran through her conscious mind. She opened the first page; it said – For The World Most Special Friend.. You rock gurl, best friends for eva , Avani.. She turned the page. It said – Don’t miss our gossip sessions lady, just promise to catch up every month on the 10th, Ciao, Sweetu. She looked up at the calendar – it was 1st day of the month. She made a mental note of it and moved on to leaf through the scrap books. Ria, Pooja, Ashwin, Kartik, Neha, Siddharth.. She stopped at Siddharth’s page. It said – Wherever you go, whatever you do, I will be right here waiting for you.. See you at 21, truly, Sid. A warm rush of blood pulsated through her heart. Sid. The guy who was mesmerized with Sreethi since nursery. He wouldn’t leave Sreethi’s side through the nursery, kindergarten and school. But College was different. Sreethi chose Stella Maris, and Sid left for Mumbai. And today, after 5 years, Sreethi was reminded of the guy – Sid, who had made her feel weak in the knees, though she wasn’t able to decipher why. She closed the scrap book and reminded herself of the mental note she had made. She called Avani and decided on a get together. Avani – But,Sri, none of us met on 10th of every month, so why now suddenly? Do you think anyone would turn up?. Sri – Lets try na, I really want to meet all of them. Avani – Ok, let me try and contact as much of them as possible; you too try to get in touch with them.

And so started a series of events focussing on the retrieval of latest contact numbers for Sreethi’s school gang. Orkut, Facebook, Google…. All proved to be of immense help. God Bless their founders, Sreethi muttered under her breath. All, but, Sid, had been contacted. After Sid moved to Mumbai, no one was able to stay in touch with him for long and so, after six months of him moving there, he was out of touch. It was already 7th, and Sreethi thought, I have to find Sid’s whereabouts. He has to make it for the get together.

Google, Facebook and Orkut had collectively failed to locate Sid. Sreethi was at wits end trying to figure out ways to get in touch with him. Sreethi tried googling his name a few more times – Siddharth Yennemadi. In vain. ‘Sreethi, Dr.Rao’s appointment has been fixed at 4.30 this noon. Please make it on time. It is not good to arrive late for appointments dear’ – it was Sreethi’s mom reminding her of her Doctor’s appointment. Sreethi glanced at her watch. It was 3.30 already. She logged out of her Internet account and started getting ready for the appointment.

Dr.Rao’s clinic was 15 mins drive from Sreethi’s residence. Sreethi reached his clinic ten minutes before the scheduled time and sat at the reception while waiting for her turn to go in. To the right of her seating, there was a pile of magazines. She picked up India This Day’s latest issue – Dantewada Massacre and CRPF. She opened the magazine and flitted through the pages. ‘Dantewada Massacre, how inhuman….’ she thought, and began reading the report. Impressive writ, she thought. And moved further down to read the name of journalist – Siddharth Y, Mumbai, it said. She read it again. Siddharth Y. A thought crossed her mind. Could it be Sid? The Sid? ‘Sreethi .. ‘, her name was called in for the appointment. She took the magazine with her and entered Dr.Rao’s cubicle. ‘Oh, you follow national news, that is nice’, ‘Oh no doctor, I was just waiting for my turn and thought of reading something in the meanwhile’ ..

Once she was out of Dr.Rao’s clinic, Sreethi had her thoughts running. ‘Should I call up India This Day’s office and ask for Sid?’ She decided to give it a try and googled up India This Day’s Mumbai Office number. ‘Can you please connect me to Siddharth Y, the reporter please?’ , Sreethi requested as a telephone operator answered her call at their Mumbai office. ‘Sure Ma’am, May I know who is calling?’, ‘Sreethi from Chennai’. As Mozart played on the ear piece, Sreethi waited with bated breath to hear the voice on other end.

‘Hello, Siddharth here. Who is this?’, ‘Sreethi, from Chennai, are you from Sacred Hearts High School?’, ‘SREETHI!!!!! Wht a pleasant surprise ……!!!! ‘ And so started an hour of visiting nostalgia.

When finally she hung up, ll events started coming back to her – GMAT, College Admissions and suddenly, headaches, doctors and the scrap book tumbling down… She said to herself – Serendipity is a propensity for making fortuitous discoveries while looking for something unrelated… and smiled for the rest of the day.


  • Clélia Moraes said:

    LOVE-LY! (though I still feel lo-ve-ly sounds better now…lol).
    Had my heart racing all the way ’til the end! I thought Sid was going to be her doctor, haha.
    Keep up your nice work, wanna read more from you!

  • Rony said:

    Nice story…Serendipity indeed…

  • prathamesh said:

    good..nce wrk keep it up

  • Reena said:

    Good one!!

  • Preeti :) said:

    Love it, Girl!!!! <3

  • Varsha said:

    Superb…very well written!!

  • Archana said:

    I thought that the doctor himself was Sid.Nice one………

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