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Even in this day and age??

Have you ever been helped out by a passer by without being asked for help? And did this not seems strange to you?

If it did not, then you’re either a beautiful female or a rare human!!

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Sreethi leafed through the dictionary…S..Se… Ser… Sere..Serendipity :
Serendipity is a propensity for making fortuitous discoveries while looking for something unrelated…
Sometimes, the best of the best seem to evade you in all areas. This leaves you disappointed, disgusted and hapless. You start questioning every move and every one.
Something very similar was happening with Sreethi. Sreethi had the best of everything as a child. Being the only child born to an illustrious after years of pleasing all possible deities, she was the apple of her family’s eye. After schooling, she went to …

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Ketaki Flowers from Deo for the Deo (God)

Story dated August 2009 – Contributed by Pravin “Da” Kamath
Since colleges and schools closed last week with the fear of swine flu, my son told me he want to go to Nagpur to my sister’s house. So booked tickets for him (17th -20th Aug 2009) and his cousin. My sis from Nagpur told me that they dont get ‘Kevda phool'( ketaki) {Pandanus (Pandanus odoratissimus L.)} and Supari flower ( Areca Palm or Betel-Nut Palm flower) easily at Nagpur. So she requested me to send along with them for their Ganapati. …

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On Ground, Air and Sea – All in a day

A week being started early, way too early leads to an experience over land, sea and air. What was to be a preliminary survey turns into a “memorable” day for a lot of wrong reasons and a few right ones!!

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Management Lesson – Episode 1

In a village, a rich landlord owned an ass (a donkey). He used it for carrying articles from his house to the farm or from the market to his house whenever he had goods to be carried. It was an old ass though. Generally nobody likes an old ass, and the same was the case with this rich landlord in the village. He wanted a young ass (a donkey) and he was not happy with this old ass… (more in the complete article)