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Mr. Identity and Mr. Possibility

2 April 2010 No Comment

mr-possibility-mr-identityThe beautiful village near the mountain, Kimchichacha, generally enjoyed good times. The people were happy and the village always had plenty of food. The villagers loved music and it had great breeze and scenery. At a distance, they could see the Roaring Sea, and behind the village was the wonderful mountain of Kimchichacha.

Recently the village faced a famine, as there were no rains for two consecutive years. There was less food for villagers, and people were sad. Hence, one day all the village elders met in the garden and opened the village library for solutions. In the library there was an old book called “Solutions”. It said that to solve the famine two elders have to walk up the mountain and reach the top. After reaching the top, they have to plant two seeds, water it and come back.

The two elders who offered to walk up the mountain were “Mr. Identity” and “Mr. Possibility”.

One fine day, before sunrise, they began their journey towards the mountain peak. They took two horses and rode on them. In the vast land only the “dhagatak,dhagatak” dhagatak dhagatak” sound of the horses were heard. It was a one-week journey to the top. By the third day, the riders crossed many rivers, slept under trees and chased away the wild animals with great courage.

On the fourth day, just as they were taking a turn near a mountain bend, Mr. Identity froze as he saw the valley below. Mr. Possibility stopped and tried to find out why Mr. Identity froze and looked sick. Mr. Identity did not answer and he remembered his life until date and particularly remembered the day he fell and hurt himself. The sheer thought of falling froze him. He refused to look up at the challenge and refused to recognize that if he did no go to the top of the mountain, he may not be able to help the villagers. He focused only on HIMSELF. Incidentally (this may sound funny) the fall that Mr. Identity remembered was a fall from a small stool.

Mr. Possibility tried in vain to support Mr. Identity and finally gave up. He looked at the REALITY of the scene and the POSSIBILITY of reaching the top. His focus was on helping the villagers and on the possibilities. He took the seeds from Mr. Identity and continued his ride upwards. Mr. Identity returned to the village.

Mr. Possibility rode the horses for three more days and faced the wind, the heights and the wild animals with courage. He reached the top and planted the seeds. The moment he planted the seeds, it began to rain. Mr. Possibility was happy, as the village will flourish


The focus on SELF can freeze you from looking at the realityand the new possibility that you can undertake.

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